Providing the Next Generation of Electronic Music Producers With FAST Training.

At SonicInsights we truly believe that the very best way to learn is through 1-to-1 mentoring. We tailor each course to your individual requirements, meaning you learn FAST and you learn about the music you love.

Produce a Full Track
You will create and finish your own track over the 10 lesson course. You can then take this away to put on Soundcloud, Youtube, or DJ it out to your fans!
A Comprehensive Program
The course is designed to be totally 'in the box'. Meaning you only need the most basic computer setup to be able to take everything you learn home and continue making music.
Flexible Shedules
Choose your own schedule. Simply give us 48hrs notice and whether its a weekend or weekday, daytime or evening, we will book you in for your class.
Learn With a Friend
Why not sign up with a friend? Our courses can be tailored to small teams of 2-3 students if requested. Always a lot of fun!
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